Using rational arguments to persuade an irrational patients is… irrational. If we do our best to explain in millimeters, degrees and phases the cause of a person’s spinal misalignment or health issue and they are not convinced, what else can we do?

Support – First seek to understand, as in “stand under.” We try to find out why patients believe what they believe. Often we discover that the barrier is often a lack of critical thinking about how their body works or what their symptoms mean.

Patience – Embracing a new health paradigm takes time. If they accept our explanation or they believe what we tell them then it makes most of the decisions they’ve made in the past, wrong. While usually incorrect, there is great security in conforming to our culture’s herd mentality.

Love – All of us have been granted the free will to abuse ourselves, make life-shortening decisions and generally make a mess of the exquisite soul package we occupy. We want to LOVE our patients anyway.

We understand that when patients make unhealthy choices, we cannot judge, but realize this is part of a larger spiritual battle to which we are merely witnesses.