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Interpreter Services

TDHHC’s interpreter services have become well established in the community, sending only qualified certified interpreters who provide excellent services that match the required level of interpreting needed for a variety of settings. The Tyler Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center makes it easier for entities like doctor’s offices, hospitals and attorneys to comply with ADA regulations that prohibit exclusivity by offering services at reasonable, competitive, predictable rates with a simple agreement. Additionally, Court/Legal or other specialty interpreters have separate but still reasonable, competitive rates. 
INTERPRETERS We understand the importance of growing advanced interpreters; TDHHC provides mentoring opportunities for interpreters who wish to attain higher/specialized certifications. For information about working as an independent contractor with TDHHC, call the Coordinator at 903-617-6204 and email your resume to coordinator@tdhhc.org. 
INTERPRETER TRAINING PROGRAMS For information about how to become an interpreter, contact TJC Sign Language Interpreter Training Program: www.tjc.edu/signlanguage.
Shadowing opportunities are available for student interpreters. 


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