There seems to be a bit of egotism in writing an “about me” section. I don’t particularly like writing about me but maybe it’s important for you to know about me. Hopefully, learning about me will help you learn more about you.

  • You will find me freely and openly refer to God, Jesus, Christian, Creation, etc. because I truly believe that there is a Creator and without a personal relationship with our Saviour life is unfulfilled, lonely, unbearable, and without hope. May you examine your life and ask, “What if there is more to this life, then what?” If you are then enlightened enough to ask, “Then what?”, please email me and we can talk.
  • I am married to a very talented and wonderful woman who compliments and fulfills me.
  • My two children have made me very proud and they both continually strive to be productive, responsible young adults.
  • I like writing and wish I had done more of it in the past. I have completed one ebook and plan on writing others.
  • Volunteering for Bethesda Clinic, YWAM, and Mercy Ships has been rewarding and I look forward to more areas of volunteer service.


One of our dreams is to build a retreat facility for ministry leaders, couples, and those who serve in ministry, or those who just need to get away from the stress of everyday life to rest and relax. We want to serve those who serve. We are currently looking at the options to obtain land for the retreat center. Our ideal facility would be 15 to 30 acres with a combination of trees, pond, pasture, somewhat secluded but close to town. Visitors will be greeted with a warm and cozy cabin surrounded by trees. A back porch view of the pond and nature’s “critters”(as Rhonda calls all God’s little creatures). Nature trails, paddle boats, and a hot tub give visitors an opportunity to “really” relax. As our facility grows we want to offer massage therapy, chiropractic, health training DVDs and other learning tools for our visitors.

Anyone willing to offer advice, lend a hand physically or financially or just pray for us as we seek God’s guidance in this “bigger than we are” venture, we welcome you and PLEASE contact us. We have had many already interested in taking advantage of the “finished product”. Thank you in advance for your help.

Let’s build something

Oh yeah! I have an invention I would like to find financing for to produce a prototype. I’m sure we could make it financially worthwhile for both of us. It is a very specific piece of cervical rehab equipment that is unique. I haven’t seen anything like it and would love to build a test unit to use in research to prove its effectiveness. With the unbelievable number of whiplash injuries, this could really be of benefit to the patient and investors. Your help would be appreciated.

I Love my patients

I find I enjoy chiropractic more when people really are interested in their own health. It is fun to help people understand how their body works and what it takes to keep them healthy and then see them doing it. It is not too much fun though when I get blamed for not getting a person well or hear “your adjustment didn’t work”. I lovingly smile and try to explain the reasons why the adjustment didn’t work. It may be that the patient has never been to a chiropractor before and has a misconception of what to expect. It could be they haven’t led a very healthy lifestyle and are looking for someone else to blame for their current ill-health. It could be they have a condition that is causing them not to respond very quickly or maybe at all. I hope I can, in a loving spirit, explain how lifestyle, overweight, smoking, diabetes or other issues can keep a person’s body from responding very quickly and give them hope that health can come if they are patient. We all must realize WE are responsible for OUR actions, choices and lifestyle? What we do today will effect us positively or negatively sooner or later. Choose well.