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What was the significance of Frankincense and Myrrh as gifts given to Jesus? 

Both were valuable items, ancient precious oils, often reserved as gifts for royalty. But there was a deeper meaning to these oils. Frankincense and Myrrh have long been revered for their medicinal uses and new studies validate frankincense’s anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Scholars suggest frankincense symbolizes Jesus’ priestly role and myrrh a prefiguring of his death and embalming.  Essential Oils like doTERRA are proving to be God’s gift to man for health and healing.

Frankincense- “The King of Oils”- used for relaxation, immune support, antidepressant, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anticatarrhal (reduce inflammation of mucus membranes), antiviral, sedative, analgesic, expectorant and energy booster.

Myrrh- historically used from meditation to embalming in ancient Egypt. Modern recommendations include cleansing properties for the mouth and throat and it’s anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, cardiac tonic, carminative (anti-gas), cicatrizant (wound healing), sedative and antiseptic properties as well as calming the skin.

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