There are natural laws that can’t be broken:
1. Two objects can’t occupy the same space at the same time. Try to force 2 vehicles into the same parking spot.
2. Gravity wins. If it weren’t for gravity, we would all be floating out into space. Gravity keeps us “grounded”, so to speak. (Other laws do allow for flight but must be obeyed precisely or gravity wins.)
3. Life requires a specific chemistry. Our bodies are powered by chemical reactions and depend on the laws of chemistry operating in a uniform fashion. The following LAWS are natural laws of Skinny Science and will result in a healthy body, if broken you will suffer disease:

  •  Healthful eating is about respecting how our body is designed.
  • Whole, natural foods are “perfect packages” uniquely designed to nourish our body.
  • Refined sugar and refined flour are so far removed from their natural state that our body doesn’t recognize them as foods; they are toxins that rob us of our health. 
  • You must eat fat to lose fat.
  • Food additives don’t honor how our body is designed; they are catalysts for poor health and should be avoided.
  • A body can only be skinny when its alkalinity is balanced. 
  • The “calories in, calories out” argument is tragically flawed.
  • The amount of vegetables you eat is directly proportional to the amount of weight you will lose and the amount of health you will gain.