Mini Essential Oil Kit –
Generous samples of 8 of the 10 oils in the Family Physician Kit. These oils can be used everyday for well-being, maintenance and emergencies. With the danger of side-effects from drugs, it just makes sense to use safe and effective essential oils, God’s natural medicine. Moms love the gentle and effective healing properties for their children.

Key chain attachment- convenient, easy carry for purse or backpack.
General Uses and Guidelines:
LavenderATINCalming, anxiety, soothes emotions, skin irritation, stress, insect bites
PeppermintATIS*Headaches, invigorating, increased alertness, freshen breath, heartburn
MelaleucaATINSkin blemishes, rashes, tissue regeneration, healthy scalp and hair, fungus
Oregano1ATINImmune support, parasites, antiseptic, antiviral, GI health
Breathe1ATSRespiratory support, restful sleep, antiviral, cough, pneumonia, bronchitis
DigestZenATIN*Bloating, cramps, diarrhea, nausea, gas, parasites
On Guard1ATIS*Antibacterial, antiviral, fungus, colds, cough, flu, infections, eliminates airborne pathogens- MRSA, Mono, CFS, Candida
Frankincense1ATINMost precious oil, cuts, bites, sores, asthma, mood, inflammation, pain, memory, tissue regeneration, immune support, focus
1 Do not administer internally to children under six, for adults dilute 1drop in 1 teaspoon of honey or 4 oz. of liquid, use with caution and in greater dilution in children 6 years and older.
                A-     Can be used aromatically
T-    Can be used topically, dilute for children or sensitive skin, apply to bottom of feet
                 I-      Can be taken internally, caution for children.
N-   Can be used topically with no dilution
S-   Dilute for young or sensitive skin
D-  Dilute before using topically

*– Caution: Peppermint-HBP, Pregnancy; DigestZen-Epilepsy, pregnancy; On Guard-Pregnancy.  Do not use essential oils in eyes, ears, or nose. Fractionated coconut oil or olive oil can be used to dilute oils.