Everyone is dealing with stress one way or another. Are you spending your money on the things that will maintain your health and wealth or are you “medicating yourself” trying not to think about your IRA, your job, the economy or any number of things that tend to get us down?

The stress, high fat diet and sweet candies and chocolate are just gradually chipping away at your health, your lifespan and quality of life. It’s a little late to change your lifestyle when you’re going in for a triple bypass. We’ve got to take our health serious!
None of us want to cut years off our life and end up with:
* Heart attack & stroke
* Cancer
* Autoimmune diseases
* Headaches, joint and back pain
* Arthritis, asthma and skin problems
BUT that is exactly what ice cream, chocolate, cheese, pork, fried foods and any products with hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils in them will give you.

There is an option, and I want to help. The cost of taking care of yourself now is much cheaper than what it will cost later if you don’t. Think about it. Call me, I can help.