This Holiday Season, our office has adopted 541st Forward Surgical Team, an Army Surgical Unit in Northern Afghanistan comprised of 9 personnel. We want to make this holiday season as special for them as we can! We have started “Operation: M.A.S.H.”, or “Make A Soldier’s Holiday.” Our goal is collect items from the list they provided to us, as well as monetary donations to help us with shipping, and other costs associated with this project! We are so excited to serve our troops, and give back to them as they do the same for us everyday! We must have everything collected, wrapped, and ready to ship by Monday December 6, 2010. Below you will find a list of things we are hoping to collect! We know you will want to share in this experience with us. Thank you and have a safe and Happy Holiday season!
Food Items: Granola Bars, Beef Jerky, Triscuits, Dried Fruit, Cereal, Trail Mix, Cookies, Ranch Dressing (packets), BBQ Sauce (packets), Rice Crispy Treats, Candy, Nuts or other non-perishable health snacks.
Male and Female Personal Items(sm/travel size): Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, floss, deodorant, handi-wipes, baby powders, shampoo/conditioner, mouthwash, etc.
Games: Catch Phrase”, “Cranium”, Playing Cards, Crossword Puzzles, Sudoku.
DVD Movies, Magazines, Cards, letters, etc
Monetary Donations—will help with shipping costs, shipping materials, and extra items for the troops.
Make donations or drop offs to:
McKinzie Wellness Center, 3325 Chandler Hwy.,Tyler, TX. 75702, 
Call 903-531-2243 (if you have items we can pick up)
Unit members include:
General Surgeons– Al Beitler and Jason Seery
CRNA– Jennifer Butera
ICU Nurse– Christopher Vanfosson
Medics– Beth Arce-Andrews, Jim Hahl and Nathan Strieter
OR Tech– Lindsay Smith
Detachment Sergeant– Leo Cubias