Ever wonder why Nov 1st is billed as the beginning of cold and flu season? HALLOWEEN! The influx of massive amounts of candy drastically depresses the immune system.

I’ve come up with some “parenting strategies” for keeping your kids healthy and possibly avoid succumbing to the next wave of flu going around.

1. Just take all their candy away from them, period. You are the parent and you can do that. Just tell them it’s for their own good. I know you are thinking, how cruel. So go to the next strategy.
2. Buy their candy from them. Then trash it. You could say, “I care enough about your health, that I’d rather pay you than the doctor”.
3. The last and least favorite. If you feel you just have to allow your children to have candy, apply this strategy. Take all the candy and divide it into 12 equal parts, put each part into a zip-lock bag and store in the freezer. Allow the child to only have the amount of candy in one bag per month. BUT, you have to educate children to understand the dangers of candy and soft drinks and be an example yourself. Apply the “moderation” principle, and in the case of candy and soda, very limited moderation.

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