KLTV did a good job of describing a very common condition that many people have but just haven’t had problems from “yet”. Forward Head Posture (FHP) can and does create many abnormal health issues. If left untreated, it can progress to a point of being irreversible. As with many spinal conditions, the body has an amazing ability to deal with abnormalities just so long before creating symptoms. We call that condition “dis-ease”, it is not a full blown condition but what leads up to that condition and begins to cause symptoms. Just like a person doesn’t just have a heart-attack, there was a “dis-ease” process going on long before the heart attack happens.

It is so important to have your spine checked for misalignments to make sure no “dis-ease” conditions develop. Children are very susceptible to developing FHP from the type of activities many children do now from heavy backpacks, slouching watching TV, playing video games, texting and just normal reading or studying. FHP, which results in spinal misalignments can result in more headaches, neck pain, numbness and tingling in the fingers, frequent colds, flu, asthma, irritability, poor posture, poor sleep, or poor performance in school. It is extremely important to get children checked early and often for misalignments in order to prevent conditions from developing.

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