You Never Know Where Your One Degree of Change Will Take You

By Kerri Walsh Jennings

I am all about living my best life as my best self.

Today’s world is full of noise, stress, challenges, and “life pollution.” The wonderful thing is that we are in charge of how we approach our journey. I personally don’t believe in working on things from the outside in.
Over the years I have learned that to be at my best I need to dedicate the time, energy, and discipline it takes to make me feel great from the inside out. The 21-day Standard Process Purification Program leaves me feeling revived, proud, and ready to take on life on my own terms.
If I’m feeling good, nothing’s going to stop me. In truth, even when I’m not feeling great, nothing is going to stop me from becoming who I want to become. It’s all just a bit easier when I’m feeling like a million bucks. That’s what I get when I commit to the program. I get what I strive for!
My husband, Casey, and I do the Standard Process 21-day purification program twice a year, typically starting at the beginning of February after the holiday splurge. It’s a great way to begin a new year. The program is always a challenge, but we tend to relish the challenges in our lives because we know they bring us to a better place.
Aside from the fact that I feel like a finely tuned Ferrari during and after the purification program, I love it because it truly is an education in nutrition. I can eat as much as I want during purification, but I can only eat the stuff that will help me feel wonderful. Poor me!
The Standard Process 21-day purification program is an education in clean, healthy eating. It is not a fast. I generally do the program during my pre-season, which often includes five days a week of two or three workouts a day in addition to wrangling our three young children. I expend a ton of energy each day, but as long as I drink my SP Complete® shakes, make sure I get plenty of water, and constantly graze on purification-friendly snacks, I end up with energy to spare.
I firmly believe in the power of the Team. Over the years, Standard Process has become part of my team and, therefore, part of my family. Casey and I want to be the best role models we can be for our children. The lessons we learn, the food we eat, and the energy we generate while doing the purification program allow us to be great examples for our kids. We tend to take them on the journey with us, which leads to talks about healthy eating, the importance of (rocket!) fueling our bodies with good stuff, and where our food likely came from. We talk about the farmers, the pickers, and the journey from seed to table. It’s a fun way to recognize all the love and hard work that goes into the serving of cauliflower mashed “potatoes” that we eat. The kids feel involved, and we all become more mindful and grateful. Casey and I stick to the course because we love that it brings our beloved family closer.
Casey and I have tried to pay it forward as much as possible when it comes to the Standard Process Purification Program. We love what it does for us and how it helps us to perform better on and off the court. Countless friends, family members, and acquaintances have done the program and experienced firsthand how amazing it makes them feel. This makes me very proud.
I only promote and support that which I use myself. I am so proud to recommend the Standard Process Purification Program. I would shout about it from the mountaintops if I could. And I just might!