The Consumer Reports article says that most of the vitamins tested had the “chemicals” that the label says they have. The also compared prices of the name brands vs. store brands. But in the end, they report that “there’s virtually no evidence that they (synthetic supplements) improve the average person’s health.
The problem with the report is that it failed to give the reason WHY vitamin supplements don’t work. The majority of vitamin supplements are manufactured by 2-3 companies and are private labeled for the big name or store brands. The myriad of vitamin supplements are synthetic, isolated fractions of the true vitamin complex. Think about this, does a child need to eat a different kind of apple from a senior citizen? NO! We all get from our food what our bodies need at the time. Man is not smart enough to custom make a synthetic vitamin for every stage of life. But with whole-food supplements you don’t have to worry if you are getting everything your body needs-it will.
Vitamins need certain enzymes, co-factors, minerals and other biochemicals to fully incorporate and assimilate them into our bodies. Only whole-food has the complex of everything needed to insure that we get those vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for  life. 
Don’t waste your money on synthetic vitamins that have not been proven to work. Study’s do confirm that supplements made from whole-food can give you the nutrients needed to heal tissue, improve function, enhance performance and support the body’s delicate biochemistry. 

We can custom-make the “multivitamin” your body needs by doing a simple yet comprehensive evaluation. Let us help you get the best nutritional supplements for the dollars you are spending.